Presence of soul
Vocal,Guitar,Piano...  Yuki
Guitar...  Yoshi
Guitar...  Taihei
Bass...  Kazuki
Drums...  Keita

Japanese group PRESENCE OF SOUL is led by female singer and composer YUKI, who also handles guitars, keyboards. She's accompanied by two guitar players, a bass player and a drummer.
The band was the support act for the swedish musicians during their 2008 shows in Japan.
From the very beginning, PRESENCE OF SOUL proves to be absolutely innovative and mature at the same time: ethereal female vocals create a sharp contrast with guitars fury and drumming power. Sad atmospheres, often enhanced by Mellotron and a great sense of slowliness (Without mentioning softness) evolve step by step, with an increasing violence, reaching its climax in an overwhelming maelstrom. It's a kind of "Progressive post-rock", and one cannot imagine a more intense musical world. You'll surely be haunted a long time after listening...
They have doubts about the music scene and the way venues are run in Japan, so they began looking abroad for new settings where they could make music in a way that feels natural.
And album "Blinds" was released by French progressive music label, Musea Records in December 2008. And the album will be distributed in 12 countries, Europe, USA, South America, etc...
Also it was introduced by Taiwanese music lavel "U LOUD MUSIC" in July 2009 as Taiwanese original records and the special show was held in Taipei for celebration of release of the album.
And furthermore, they went to go on a Europe tour to France and Belgium in January, 2010.
Two years later, they went through a line-up change and reworked all their songs. They also began incorporating images into their performances.
On a 2013 tour of Australia, after a show in Sidney, they co-starred an appearance in Melbourne with locally renowned post-rock band Laura. At these shows, they distributed a limited-edition demo CD.
Then 3rd album "All Creation Mourns" have released in October 2015.

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