You'll come to the apocalypse at last

Where is your mind?
Night approaches gradually
Lights fade away
Nobody notices
My consciousness starts slipping away
His words are remembered no longer
Many people are grieving
The empty feeling continues forever
life without beginning or end
Good and evil fought for ages

Then the time finally came when evil ruled the world
But nobody believes that the day of ruin will come
The last reality beyond all human knowledge
Lines of people marching to the mountains of Sion
Through him we will all be reborn
For the new world

The man who leads the mad horse

A heavy fog covers the ground
I can only hear the plangent hoofbeats
How long have I been silent?
We have come so very far
A place like a blind spot in the world
Only incantations of the decline have survived
This is the result that we chose
We had it coming for many years

The clear water stained by a single drop of filth
The honest horse shouldered the malice of people
Such is the way of the world
In the end, we’ll lose the light and reach the end in a vast silence

Teaching of necessary evil

My hands are tied and I am blindfolded
And I’m forbidden to speak
Is this the entrance to Hell?
I could hear the sounds of my mind, but they have fallen apart
They fought like made to protect their profits
To defend themselves, they told a thousand lies

Like the law of the jungle, like a pillaging army
They turn on me out of weakness and fear
You twist justice to justify yourself
You've taken too much but it's never enough
If just one thing is lost the scales tip and fall,
Just as you must breathe out to breathe in
What if I tore away all you don't need?
Because you only care about yourself

The ethics for an human's existence

meaninglessness of the word "equality"
Proof of the kingdom which you hold up loudly
I'm not given a right if disobey it
The fate of the society of disparity which neoliberalism brought
We have been educated that it is always necessary to compete
They switch to violence and build if can't get it by a debate
It causes losers that means the winner is born
They destroy nature and continue polluting air and corner the weak for monopolistic profit on the pretext of economic development
The people ridden by an ego
Aggregate of the narcissism that became a servant of "Mammon" devil of desire
What is the meaning of the true sin?
They drag legs that swelled up with a bog of the arrogance that generated by themselves, and can't get away like ant hell

The bloated self-consciousness becomes uncontrollable

Catastrophe of the existence
It is collapse of the modern society
This nation under the control of certain country
The complete Babylon system come again

The person who is going to tell the truth and to find out essence is considered to be a heretic
And then is obtruded loyalty test, and become a dead man as a lunatic
Intersection of this polluted psychic dependence

"This is not war"
As if kill an insect
The massacre is repeated whether it's a baby
The reward of weapons of mass destruction produced as our achievement
Even if the ruler is government's self in some cases
World morals to be enabled if I escape by the word "rule"
They declare in this way
One minute sin is atoned for by 100 good deeds
Symbol of the human stupidity that the reform is provided only in exchange for regret
We must separate the largest own monster in exchange for power and wealth and convenience in order to choose the way
Can we look for the key to solve paradox of happiness?
We cannot come back anymore

Proposition from the Almighty

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